Send us your photo...and we'll turn it into a hand painted Dog Portrait on canvas!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1) Tips for Selecting a Good Dog Photo
  2) Digital Photos Explained:
  3) Can I send a traditional photo print instead of a digital photo?
  4) Are these Artworks created by an Artist or a computer?
  5) Can I send you a professional studio or portrait photograph?
  6) How can I place an order?
  7) Can I send you a negative or slide?
  8) Can you work with pictures that are old, worn or damaged?
  9) May I see the picture before you put it on Canvas ? How can I be sure I will like it?
10) Can a color artwork be made out of a Black & White source photo or vice versa?
11) Can you take people from different photos and combine them to make a single painted artwork?
12) Can you remove something or someone from a source photo ?
13) What happens if my photo image won't fit proportionately to the final Canvas size I want?
14) Can I have the finished Canvas Artwork delivered to someone else with a Gift Card?
15) Is it possible to make an over-sized Canvas Artwork or a custom size?
16) Can my Canvas Artwork be round or oval?
17) What is the Project Lead Time and Shipping Cost?
18) Can you ship a Canvas Artwork to another Country?
19) Do you have discounts for photographers or other resellers?
20) What is your product warranty ?
1)  Tips for Selecting the Perfect Photo
We can create a painting from just about any photo you submit. However, we'll do our best work if you send us a clear, well lit close up photo of your Dog showing his personality and unique character.
2)  Digital Photos Explained:
The image taken from most digital cameras work just fine. Just send the image to us by uploading it here thru our website. Low resolution photos can sometimes be difficult to enlarge into a canvas portrait - but we'll let you know if we see any issue with your order. If you plan to create a new photo for this purpose please set your camera to the highest image quality setting. This will allow us to see all the fine details more clearly.

Do you know how to copy digital photos from your camera to your Computer so you can upload it to us ? Most cameras come with a Firewire or USB cable which allow you to connect your camera to your computer for digital file transfer. If you don't have this cable visit a local Quick Photo Lab in your area. For a very small cost they can copy the photos from your camera onto a CD for you. You can have this done for you at: Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Kinkos, Walgreens or CVS drug stores.
3)  Can I send you a traditional photo print instead?
Yes you can. We'd like to start with a 3 x 5 size print - but we can also work with smaller photos if that's all you have. When you place an order through this website we offer an option for mailing a traditional paper photo print. If you need a cardboard photo mailer envelope - we'll send you one at no extra charge. When your canvas is complete we'll return all original source photos with your order.
4)  Are these Artworks created by an Artist or a computer?
We get this question a lot. We are a group of highly skilled portrait Artists. Our work is done by hand but we no longer paint with a real brush. We paint with a digital stylus and a pressure sensitive digital drawing tablet instead. The tablet is connected to a computer with specialized software. Why do we do this? Using modern digital tools our Artists can paint using a wider range of color and with more precision than a regular brush and paint allows. In addition, when a mis-step is made with the brush we simply use the UNDO command and correct the mistake. This is how we create a higher quality, more realistic portrait for you. We also save time working in a digital environment which translates directly into cost savings for you. This is the reason our service is so affordable. Would you like to see the process in action? Click here to see a time lapse demonstration which shows a digital painting being created.
5)  Can I send a photo taken by a photographer or studio?
Yes. But we'd like to remind you some photographers retain copyrights to the photos they've created for clients. If you're not sure about reprint permissions contact your photographer to inquire. He/she will be happy to discuss this topic with you and you will rarely see a problem.
6)  How can I place an order?
First, decide which product you'd like to order. Next click on the menu tab: Place An Order. Fill out the order form and upload your digital photo. Its as easy as feeding the dog. If you need help just give us a call. We're open on weekdays from 9am-4pm pacific time to assist you. Call (800) 777-8989 or (702) 309-3800. Or send us a message through our contact page
7)  Can I send a 35mm slide or negative?
Yes we accept slides and negatives. We can work with virtually any customer image source. However for safety purposes we do not recommend that one-of-a-kind media items be sent through the mail. The mail system is usually reliable but they don't guarantee the security of your mailed photos. For this reason please have your unique photos scanned first. Then send us a digital copy on CD by mail or upload the image through our website. Our studio does not offer responsibility for lost or damaged media.
8)  Can your Artists work with old, torn or damaged photos?
Yes, we can start with old, torn, faded or damaged photos and turn them into a painting. In some cases the condion of the source photo(s) may increase the project cost- but you will always have the option to approve.
9)  May I see the painted artwork in advance to be sure I like it?
Yes and we'd love you to see a proof first in case you want to make any small changes. Take advantage of our $10 Preview Offer and we'll create your painting first and send you a copy by email to review and approve. For this fee we'll let you view the artwork, make changes and decide afterwards whether to buy the finished artwork. In this way the Artist takes all the risk. You just sit back and relax! Note: we may add a small charge for changes after the first draft but that only applies if you decide to buy.

      Would you like to see how our proofing process works? To see an actual client here.
10)  Can you turn a B&W photo into a Color painting?
Yes we can. We often create color paintings from Black & White photos. Just give us your advice about eye colors and skin & hair tones in the order form and we'll do our best. There is an added charge of $69.95 to create a colorized painting. There is no extra charge to create a black & white painting from a color photo. Visit our sample Gallery to see examples of both portrait types.
11)  Can you combine people or pets from different photos into one painting?
We're Artists and we can do this. Just check the option for "Photo Compositing" when you order. Just tell us your preference for desired positioning of all the subjects and we'll try to follow your instructions. Projects like this are more difficult and take more time (an added cost of $99.95 applies for up to 3 subjects). Large collage compositions require more client collaboration and planning and are custom priced based on the Artist's time. To see what's possible please visit our customer showcase to see examples.
12)  Can you remove something or someone from my photo?
Yes, we can do this when we create a painting and in most cases there is no extra charge. If your request is too elaborate we'll let you know. In that case there might be small charge for photo retouching.
13)  What happens if my photo won't fit exactly on the Canvas size I want?
Its possible your original photo might not fit proportionately on the canvas size being ordered. When this happens our Artists will artistically expand the image to best suit the subjects and the overall dimensions of the canvas size ordered. If you have any special instructions for cropping please indicate them in the project order form comment section. Remember, your satisfaction is very important to us. So if any great concerns arise we'll contact you to discuss the options.
14)  May the finished Canvas Portrait be delivered with a Gift Message?
We're happy to make this happen for you. This option is often chosen for gift giving. You may select any delivery address you wish during the online checkout process. If you have a special wish you'd like to send we can put this message into a gift card for you.
15)  Can you make an over sized or custom sized Canvas?
Yes we can make custom sizes. Give us a call at the studio during business to discuss any special size requirements you may have.
16)  Can my Canvas Artwork be round or oval shape?
We're sorry but we don't offer round or oval shaped canvas portraits.
17)  What is the lead time for a Canvas portrait?
If you order a Preview we will generally send you the email proof within 2-3 business days. After you approve the proof and/or any changes we'll usually complete and ship the finished portrait within 1 business day after that. Orders for a Photo on Canvas are often produced and shipped the same day or next day after purchase.

      For orders within the United States we ship via Federal Express ground service. Transit time is 2-7 business days and depends on your distance from our studio located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click here to see the nationwide service map for Federal Express. Rush services are also available.
18)  Can you ship to other Countries?
We ship Worldwide. For orders outside the U.S. we often ship a "Rolled Canvas" in a mailing tube instead of a "Stretched Canvas" in a box. This greatly reduces your shipping cost and customs duty. Time to deliver is usually less than 3 weeks. After you receive the rolled canvas...take it to a local picture framer and have it stretched and/or framed. If you need further advice about ordering a 'rolled canvas' please contact our customer care department.
19)  Do you offer discounts for photographers or other qualified retailers?
We do offer partnership opportunities for photographers and other qualified resellers. If you'd like to explore this opportunity please contact us by phone or through our contact page.
20)  What is the product warranty?
Your photo on canvas will be reproduced faithfully with the same color as the original. If not, just let us know within 30 days. Paintings on canvas are approved with an art proof online prior to shipping and do not have a return privilege.

We realize the artworks we create are not only wall decor but often become cherished family heirlooms. So we'll do everything we can to make you happy.