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Little known Dog facts...

Thirty three % of dog owners say they talk to their Dogs by phone or, while away, leave messages for them on an answering machine.

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Are Dogs color blind? Contrary to popular belief Dogs are not color blind. They can in fact see colors but just not all the colors Humans see. The color spectrum Dogs see is limited compared to ours. The colors are also less vibrant. They distinguish between Yellow, Blue & Gray but most likely do not see Green or Red. The way Dogs see colors is much like how we see color at twilight.

Its estimated that one Million Dogs nationwide have been named by their owners as the primary estate beneficiary in their wills. In 2007, Hotel heiress Leona Helmsley left $12 million for her pooch "Trouble". The little Maltese lived the high life flying by Jet to the Helmsley Sandcastle hotel in Sarasota, Florida and had hundreds of thousands spent on her care annually until she passed away in December 2011at the age of 12.

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One of the oldest breeds in history is the Dachsund. Its namesake coming from its early application as a hunter. Yes, little Dachsunds were hunters. And what do you suppose they hunted? They tracked Badgers. Remember, in German, Dachs means "badger," Hund is "hound."

The most popular Dog name in the U.S. is: "Max". Remember the dog in the film: "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas"? His name was Max.

Medical studies have proven one way to live longer with less stress and a lower risk for heart attack is to own a Dog.

Are Dogs mentioned in the Bible? Yes, 14 times.

More people have photos of their Dogs than their spouse or significant other! Completely true.

Did you know every single dog breed has a pink tongue? Well every breed except the 'Chow' that is. Their pings are jet black

Article by Peter Reynolds, professional Artist and contributor to Artful