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Digital Dog Portraits: Painted by people or computers?

digital artist

As you see offers for personalized Art on the web you might run into ads for digitally painted artworks. What's that you ask? Is that a painting somehow made by a Computer? Can they do that? Can a Computer autonomously paint my portrait now the same way Piccasso did? "HOLD STILL HUMAN - OR MACHINES WILL RESTRAIN YOU". Well not exactly. Computers cannot yet create a painting any more than they can write a Poem. But there have been a number of new interesting technological develoments Want to know more?...[read more]

or click here to see an actual time-lapse demonstration of a modern digital Artist creating a dog painting.

Top Ten tips for great dog photos:

You have a Dog and you have a Camera? So why don't you have an album full of great Dog photos? Well, as we all know its not that easy capture great photos of your beloved animal. Small cameras in phones that take too long to pull out, Lighting issues, Distractions...before you know it the moments gone. But there's still hope. You can take great photos of your Dog. You just have to plan and follow a few simple guidelines for great Dog photos...[read more]